Dell SMB New Zealand

  1. Small Business Computing for companies with up to 400 employees.
  2. Smart Selection prebuilt systems delivered in 2 – 3 business days.
  3. Award Winning Base Systems or build your own.
  4. Service & Support from setup to ongoing technical assistance
  5. Dell products feature Intel®.

Dell SMB New Zealand

Dell New Zealand is an important PC and periphery supplier to small and medium businesses (SMB) operating in the country. Dell offers a Smart Selection service to its customers in New Zealand. This means Dell offers SMB solutions that are pre-configured by the company’s experts. These configurations are created based on insights Dell generates from its wide range of existing customers. As a result, when an SMB customer in New Zealand orders a machine from Dell it will receive a PC that is built with small business needs in mind without the hassle of having to select a configuration. Smart Selection is a simple process that allows business customers to buy Dell's most popular PC’s through a single click with accelerated delivery which usually takes place within 24 hours.

If Smart Selection doesn’t appeal to your IT department, then Dell New Zealand also offers you the ability to customise your purchase. You can order everything from servers to ultrabooks that have been customised to meet your exact requirements. SMB’s in New Zealand can choose from a wide range of products that span PowerEdge servers, OptiPlex Desktops and Latitude laptops. Each of these product ranges can be customised so that SMB’s can choose anything from entry level systems all the way up to top of the range systems and everything in between.

Dell New Zealand has a product that will appeal to companies of any size. If you want access to the latest technology for an affordable price, you will love what Dell has to offer!

About Dell SMB New Zealand

Dell offers incredible IT solutions for small and medium businesses that are extremely affordable. The company designs a variety of products to suit all types of budgets and requirements. Dell products are renowned for being extremely high quality and incorporate the latest technologies even for those on the lookout for budget products. Whether you are someone who is working from home or you’re working in a fast-paced work environment, Dell SMB will have a product that will suit your needs. Dell produces everything from basic workstations to the most powerful ultrabooks on the market. Whether you need a machine for simple word processing or high-end design work, Dell will have a product for you.


Inspiron is arguably the most popular product range from Dell. It began its life seeking out customers that were looking towards buying affordable entry level PC products. That is not the case today. Inspiron has evolved into a product range that has PC’s for all sorts of budgets. Inspiron is now offered in an array of different configurations that will appeal to virtually any SMB. Today’s Inspiron’s now come with lots of storage and the most powerful processors. If you are looking to purchase a high-performance PC that has an attractive design at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with the Inspiron range of PC’s from Dell.


The XPS range of PC’s from Dell are its flagship products. XPS products combine spectacular build quality with gorgeously designed products that are extremely powerful. Whether you are looking for a high-performance desktop or a beautiful convertible laptop, XPS is the way to go. Dell makes use of the highest quality materials such as aluminium and carbon with the range aimed squarely at the high end of the market. If you need a top of the range laptop or desktop, XPS is the way to go.


Dell’s Latitude range of products are purpose built for businesses. As a result, the Latitude range of laptops is more rugged than other brands manufactured by Dell and are ideal for workers who are on the move a lot. Latitude laptops are constructed using internal metal frames. These frames make the device incredibly tough and ensure that even if the laptop is dropped little or no damage will be done. Latitude laptops come with free fall sensors and make use of SSD’s making them incredibly durable. Latitude laptops from Dell are exclusively targeted at businesses and this means they come with high-level security features that IT departments have come to rely on.


OptiPlex desktops from Dell are perfect for a business of any size. It doesn’t matter whether your company is a small one man band or an organisation with more than 100 people, OptiPlex makes for a great desktop. There are a wide range of configurations to choose from and if you are a larger organisation then Dell provides bespoke management software for your company as well. OptiPlex desktops are perfect for IT departments that need to manage their PC’s and come with enough security to ensure that the machine stays protected in a networked environment.

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