Dell SMB Australia

  1. Small Business Computing for companies with up to 400 employees.
  2. Smart Selection prebuilt systems delivered in 2 – 3 business days.
  3. Award Winning Base Systems or build your own.
  4. Service & Support from setup to ongoing technical assistance
  5. Dell products feature Intel®.

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Dell SMB Australia

Dell is a major supplier to the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market in Australia. The company has a Smart Selection service which offers business systems to SMB's that are pre-configured by Dell's experts based on insights from existing customers. Smart Selection enables customers to purchase Dell's most popular business PC's through an extremely simple ordering process that offers accelerated delivery. All Smart Selection products are always in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours of placing your order.

Dell also offers SMB customers the ability to customise the products they purchase. In particular SMB’s can order servers, desktops laptops and Ultrabooks that can be tailor made to meet their specific business requirements. The company has several product ranges including PowerEdge servers and Latitude laptops which come in multiple configurations which span entry level to top of the line systems that are perfect for companies of all sizes. SMB's that require IT products that utilise the latest technology within a set budget will greatly benefit from Dell’s SMB offering.

About Dell SMB Australia

Dell provides very affordable computer and IT solutions for small and medium businesses. The company delivershigh quality products that make use of the latest technologies and offers solutions for all budget ranges. Whether you are working from home or are a fast growing start up Dell has a product range that will fit your specific requirements. Their products range from basic workstations for simple word processing / data entry through to lightweight yet powerful Ultrabooks which are perfect for high end design work.


The Inspiron product line from Dell was started as a range of desktops and laptops that were initially targeted towards budget and entry level buyers of PC products. Since its introduction the brand has rapidly evolved and is now offered in a range of configurations that small and medium sized businesses will find very appealing. Inspiron laptops and desktops come with powerful processors and high capacity hard drives and buyers can count of high performance in slim, space saving designs that offer great value for money.


The XPS brand from Dell stands for exceptional build quality, offering everything from thinnest all-in-one high performance desktops, to the most elegantly designed convertible laptops. XPS products are built from unique materials such as precision cut aluminium and carbon fibre and are aimed at the top of the market. The XPS brand comes with powerful features that helps bring multimedia to life by offering superb graphics performance combined with powerful processors. XPS is the premium range of PC products offered by Dell which you will find hard to beat.


The Dell Latitude brand is a range of laptops offered by Dell specifically intended for use by businesses. The Latitude range is considered more durable than its sister brands from Dell. Latitude laptops and Ultrabooks are built with internal metal frames that offer solid protection in case the device is dropped. Many models feature free fall sensors and solid state drives. The Latitude range differentiates itself by its exclusive business focus; often including high level security features not needed by consumers and highly sought after by IT departments.


The Optiplex range of desktop computers are aimed at businesses of all sizes. Regardless of whether yours is a small and growing business or you are a large scale enterprise, an OptiPlex desktop is ideal for your organisation. OptiPlex comes in a wide range of performance options and provides bespoke software for the enterprise. The desktops are extremely manageable and offer a high level of security and control making it perfect for businesses operating in a networked environment.


Mobile productivity and smart design unite in the Dell Precision range of workstations. Get workstation performance for about the price of a desktop with Dell Precision. Precision workstations are specially designed for technical or scientific applications. Intended primarily to be used by one person at a time, they are commonly connected to the local area network and run multi-user operating systems.

Dell Inspiron 24 3000 Series Review

“This is a great All-in-One computer which we use at our hair salon. Perfect for booking in clients appointments. It’s easy to use and was quick to set up with simple plug and go. Very happy.”

Isabelle, December 2015