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Dell New Zealand

Dell has been in Australia and New Zealand for over two decades and offers top quality highly customisable PC's, laptops, Ultrabooks, workstations and tablets. The company also sells a huge range of accessories. Dell products are highly regarded by both business and consumers alike and offer great value for money.

Dell XPS and Inspiron range of laptops and Ultrabooks are aimed at both business clients and consumers alike. Dell uses the XPS brand for its All-In-One desktops as well as PC workstations. Small and medium sized businesses are also important to Dell demonstrated by its Optiplex and Latitude brands that are devoted to these types of customers exclusively. For business workstations and desktops, Dell markets products under the OptiPlex and Precision brands. Dell has a top quality range of tablet devices that are marketed under the Venue brand and are critically acclaimed.

Dell has been a pioneer in the manufacture of personal computers since 1984 and enables customers to tailor their purchases to fulfill their exact requirements which was a revolutionary practice back in 84! The company also sells a wide variety of peripherals that include everything from monitors to projectors. Whether you are purchasing a computer for your child to go to school or you are a large enterprise looking to secure hundreds of workstations - Dell has something for everyone.

About Dell New Zealand

Dell offer top notch, highly customisable computers, servers and accessories at fantastic prices to both home and business users in New Zealand. These award winning systems represent excellent value for money and you can take advantage of their great weekly offers which can help you get even more for your $$$!

The name Dell is synonymous with value, powerful performance and reliable services together with their simple point and click ordering system. They offer online advice on the best configuration for you e.g. this computer system is best for light use, another is best for heavy duty image manipulation etc.

Dell offer the new Windows 8 operating system as standard but if you’re more comfortable in the Linux (on selected systems) environment you can configure your dell computer to suit your needs.

Dell Dell GX150 Desktop Review

“I purchased this desktop around 5 years ago, and it was second-hand then. I just wanted to say, that this computer has NEVER crashed, I have NEVER had ANY problems with it whatsoever. It is used most of the day, every day and it is so fantastic, that now, my entire family has changed to Dell computers. A big thumbs-up from us!”

M. Amon

 Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Review

“I just love my Dell notebook. I purchased it outright six months ago and with a few extras I custom selected, it is perfect for my needs, but best of all it’s pink! I am a Mum, teacher and student and I use it at home, school and TAFE. It is tough and easily moved about. There is no nonsense about it and it adapts to wherever I am working. I added mobile broadband and I can do anything from wherever I am. My son has learning difficulties and when I recently recieved a bonus amount of cash I checked out some cheap laptops for him for use at school. I wasn’t happy with the cheaper brands but thought that the Dell would be to expensive. Luckily before I settled for an inferior product, I heard about a $699 Dell special. It had everything he needed and we were able to add some extras for less than our budget. He got a colour called “chill” and he loves it too! Now, I just spent some time helping my Mum to order a ruby red laptop as she’s hooked now!”

V. Lacey


 Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptop Review

“I’m currently serving overseas, and purchased a Dell on recommendation for quality and value for performance. The primary reason was to keep in contact with family and friends back home, though a few of my comrades were keen to set up an internal LAN for multi-player gaming to help relieve stress! Once several of us had purchased the 1720’s (big 17″ screen’s great for first person shooter games) word got round about the deal we got, the reliability and performance of our laptops. We ended up with 19 Dell 1720 Inspiron’s within our group and linked to the LAN. Thanks Dell, these laptops rock!”

R. Amos

Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Review

“I have just recently bought the Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop and it is an absolutely brilliant laptop for anyone who is on the go because it is light weighted, comes in a range of vibrant colours and even design patterns, and has enough memory for me to upload all my work onto. It is really easy and simple to use, and even comes with wireless internet. This laptop is perfect for anyone who is searching for a top quality laptop, especially since I got all of these fantastic affordable things for the low price of, $749.00 and it was worth every cent!”


Dell Inspiron D610 Laptop Review

“Dell brand have always been known for its innovative products. Style with durability and backed up with good customer support. My experience with Dell Laptop D610 has matched that. It is a good product that I will recommend to everyone, it is a good value for money. Compact, Stylish, light weight, reliable, long battery life and has been very productive.”


Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Review

“I bought the base model of Dell Inspiron 1525 notebook. It works fine for the normal home use and comes with lots of extras that you can’t find in any other notebook of this range. Looks perfect, works perfect for me. Dell Media Direct is very useful to watch movies (with widescreen looks wonderful), photos, slideshow, etc without even booting the computer! It has windows vista basic which is sufficient enough for internet surfing, document making and other home use. The DVD writer becomes useful in making your own home video DVD’s. All in all this notebook would be a nice gift for someone’s birthday.”


Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop Review

“I purchased an Inspiron and it is awesome, runs fast and smooth with the turion x2 and 2 gig of ram, I have never had a problem and it runs fast and smooth, hard drive is almost full(120 gig) and the system still goes fast, 100% awesome, if I purchased a system like this locally I would have paid twice as much and only received half the system, I am looking at buying a desk top computer and I am looking at a Dell system because for the amount I pay I want a system which is both affordable and effective.”

Brett Lovell

Dell Inspiron 1300/B120/B130 Review

“This notebook has run well past its warranty period with no need for repairs or service calls to Dell. I have found it to be a great notebook that everyone in the family can use whether it be for workgroup presentations or listening to music and watching DVD’s and it is very light weight. The kids say it is convenient, easy, reliable, fun to play games on and great to put pictures on.The kids also like using it in the car and all have separate accounts set up that only they can access. All in all it has been an excellent buy and is still going strong.”


Dell Dimension Review

“This is a wonderful computer very fast and good value for money. The customer service and technical support has been great it has been one of the best I have ever owned and would recommend an upgrade of RAM to about 3gb or even 4 gb to get the best out of this machine.”

Steve Williams