Apple Computers

  1. Stunning Design, Powerful Performance from Apple computers.
  2. Industry Leading Technology with top quality components.
  3. They Just Work. Apple machines work out of the box with preinstalled software.
  4. FREE Shipping and Returns at a time to suit you.
  5. 0% Interest for 12 Months on purchases over $500.

Apple Australia

Apple Inc opened its first store in Australia back in 2008 just one year after the launch of its iconic iPhone range of smartphones. Since then the company has not looked back and also sells the iPod media player, Mac range of computers and laptops and iPad branded tablets in the country. Apple distinguishes itself from other computer hardware manufacturers through its superior product design and proprietary operating systems such as OS X for its Macbook's and iMacs and iOS for the iPhone / iPad.

The company was originally founded in 1976 and over the last decade has gone from strength to strength. Apple is now the most valuable publicly traded corporation in the world, worth an astonishing US$ 700 billion. The company is not just a hardware manufacturer but also creates software that consumers find both intuitive and easy to use generating intense customer loyalty in the process. Whilst products tend to be marketed primarily towards consumers, the popularity and ease of use of Apple's products has meant that an increasing number of enterprises are also adopting Mac's as their go to computing solution.

About Apple Computers

Apple Mac’s range of computers have something for every budgets and technical specification – but they all have one thing in common, style and elegance! Mac’s are no longer only for “creative business” types – they are now a real competitor to more traditional windows based PC’s for both home users and businesses.

Apple rarely publish coupon codes but they often have great special offers such as free printers with mac purchases and all products have FREE delivery. We will of course keep you up to date with the latest deals as well as news and reviews.

Why Apple Mac?

All new Apple Mac’s are ready to go out of the box, you can literally take it out of its packaging, switch it on and you are ready to use their preinstalled software applications such as iLife for home movies.

One of the main benefits of working with a Mac is there are less hardware / software conflicts so you can spend more time on your computer and less time working out was error messages mean (we’ve all been there on a PC!). The reason Mac’s “just work” is that the software applications are developed by the same people who create the operating system and the computer itself – something that does not happen with PC’s. In the unlikely event of you experiencing a problem one phone call will give you all the answers you need.

Run Mac OS X and Windows Simultaneously

Any Mac purchased from Apple is powered by the latest Intel processors. This is excellent as it means not only are you using the most cutting edge technology you can also run multiple operating systems. This means you can run the powerful inbuilt Mac OS X simultaneously with other operating systems such as Windows or the open source Linux via Parallels Desktop software.

Mac’s come ready to go with the latest industry standard technologies such as USB, FireWire, Ethernet and Bluetooth. This means it is simple to connect any of your electronic gadgets such as iPods and digital camera’s.

Less Viruses!

Anyone who has ever run a PC will have experienced the hell that is contracting an internet virus from the web or a rogue email attachment – problems you probably won’t have on a Mac. On a PC you need to purchase solid anti-virus software but Apple Mac’s are built on a stronger UNIX base which provides superior security. The main virus protection you need is actually built into the Mac operating system software which doesn’t allow programmes (malicious or otherwise) to make alterations to your computer or operating system without your approval (by entering your password). It is always wise to take on some form of virus protection though, and there are a lot of free virus protection apps available for the Mac such as Avast Free Mac Security.

Apple Macbook Review :

“I have owned an Apple Macbook for 18 months now and find it to be a brilliant computer for all my personal applications. I particularly like the iphoto programme as this allows me to have family photos professionally arranged and the ideas for the future are exciting. My Granddaughter loves watching herself on a slideshow on my Mac book. I have wireless broadband and my mac goes with me everywhere and is so useful while out and about. Everyone always wants to see what I’ve got on the computer and is impressed with how easy it is to use. I tell all my friends to buy a Mac!!!”

A Willmann. 01/06/2012


Apple iMac Review :

“I’m afraid I was a victim of the hype that has grown around Macs recently when I purchased my new Apple iMac but it has definitely lived up to the promise of superior usability, design and improved performance (Macs are super quick). It can be a little frustrating that a few important applications are not mac compatible, however you can actually run a Windows operating system on a Mac so that is not a major problem. OSX is on the whole more stable in my experience than Windows, the interface and icons makes finding and organising your work easier and more fun. Macs are tactile, packed with aesthetic detail and a joy to use. So although my PC does everything my Mac does, my Mac just cheers me up.”

T McKeown. 17/08/2012