Dell Latitude 13 7000 Series Review

Latitude 13

Dell Latitude 13 7000 Series Review

The Latitude 13 7000 series from Dell is at present the most compact 13-inch business laptop on the market. This is a lightweight laptop that comes with an edge-to-edge display that is a sight to behold. The laptop is extremely durable and has strong security credentials which makes it a great machine for the office worker. Here is a full review of the Latitude 13 7000 series laptop.


The best design feature of the Latitude 13 7000 series is its 13-inch, edge-to-edge display. The laptop has an extremely thin bezel that surrounds the screen and this has enabled Dell to fit a 13-inch screen into a laptop that is about the same size as your average 12-inch machine. Obviously this means the Latitude 13 7000 is the right size to easily slide in and out of your work bag which is a serious bonus.

Workers who travel a lot will also appreciate the durable design of the Latitude 13 which according to Dell is military grade and able to survive everything from extreme temperatures, to shocks and drops. There is also a good selection of ports on this laptop. On the left hand side of the device are a couple of Thunderbolt 3 ports which can be used for charging or connecting the laptop to a larger desktop display. There is also a micro-HDMI port and a slot which takes SIM cards. On the right hand side of the laptop is an SD card reader as well as a USB 3.0 port.


There are two display options for the Latitude 13 7000. You have the option of a super sharp quad-HD touch display or you can opt for a lower res 1080p display with no touch functionality. It goes without saying that the higher resolution screen is simply stunning and screen-intensive tasks such as editing documents and spreadsheets are a pleasure. You should be aware that the higher resolution screen does hog the battery and this means the laptop doesn’t last very long on a single charge which means for most employees should opt for the lower resolution screen.

Battery life

As we have just said, if you want to ensure your Latitude 13 is able to last through a full work day without having to recharge it, you need to select the lower resolution display. When the laptop was tested, the 1080p model was able to last just short of 8 hours which is good enough for the average work day.  In contrast the power-hungry quad-HD model ran for just over 6 hours.


The Latitude 13 ships with an Intel Core m5-6Y57 processor and runs on 8GB of RAM with a 256GB SSD. This is more than adequate for everyday work tasks. When tested against other systems the Latitude 13 is a very decent machine that more than matches other laptops aimed at the enterprise workers.

The verdict

The Latitude 13 7000 series from Dell is a great work machine with a slim and striking design. If you have to commute every day, then you will love the fact that Dell manages to pack a 13-inch display into an average 12-inch body. The display is fantastic to look at and the machine has strong security and durability credentials and if you select the 1080p model you are going to get decent battery life. If you want the most compact 13-inch business laptop on the market and are willing to pay for it, you will enjoy this laptop.



June 17, 2016 @ 00:05


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