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Dell’s OptiPlex 7050 Micro is like no other desktop on the market right now. If you aren’t looking closely, whilst you may be looking directly at the machine it is highly likely that you may fail to spot it altogether. Dell has revolutionised the concept of what it means to be a desktop. When it comes to the OptiPlex Micro, Dell has clearly taken its name seriously and the end result is a tiny CPU case that can be hidden behind a monitor which gives you enough room to have a clear work space.

The Lenovo Yoga range of products is synonymous with its contortionist screen that has the ability to swivel all the way round. This means you can use it either as a tablet or a laptop or anything in between. The Yoga 920 is Lenovo’s first PC launch this year and it is a premium product that is limited edition. The reason it is a limited edition is because of the dark colour finish with white waves on the top lid that has been imprinted. The design is protected by a transparent glass top. This feature alone makes it stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with smudges and fingerprints requiring cleaning at least a couple of times a day.

Despite receiving stellar reviews across all the tech blogs and the absence of innovation originating from Apple, the Surface range of products developed by Microsoft has never truly become the kind of competitor to the MacBook that it should be. Without question the hardware is fabulous and the sales are far from disastrous, nevertheless the MacBook remains the go to machine for students and creative types and its dominance remains unchallenged.

Dell has not made a lot of fuss and gone and made a major improvement to its Inspiron 17 5000 range of laptops that feature a 17.3-inch screen. The company has given potential buyers the option of adding a couple of AMD mobile Ryzen processors in combination with Zen CPU cores and Radeon Vega graphics chips. AMD launched its mobile Raven Ridge chips towards the end of last year and during the launch AMD described them as being the “world’s fastest processors” for ultrathin laptops.

Not everyone likes using a convertible laptop and it is true that they are an acquired taste that takes some getting used to. In theory it sounds great that you can turn a laptop into a tablet, in reality these products tend to work better either as a laptop or a tablet. Detachable devices obviously work better as tablets and their keyboards are a little inferior. Whilst a single body convertible will obviously function better as a tablet because in tablet mode they are heavy and can be awkward to hold.

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